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The Painter's Collection

Introducing the first collection of decorative rugs by Nathalie Dougé. This collection is a unique series translated from original works of watercolor.


Insélbadjo Tapis by Nathalie Dougé are Tibetan hand knotted, wool/silk blend or 100% silk made in Nepal.


The Tibetan knot is made by a rod placed in front of the warp. A single strand of yarn is then wrapped around two warps and than around the rod. When the looped row is complete, the weaver cuts the loops across the rod.


We offer rugs starting at 100 knots per square inch.


Among the many choices available, we selected manufactures that have the experience to support the high - end quality we strive for, their workrooms are the finest in the region. 


Pure lanolin rich Himalayan wool and Chinese silk are hand -spun, dyed then hand knotted on a traditional loom creating rugs that are then hand finished. This gentler method helps maintain the quality of the wool and silk used as well as valorizing the craftsmanship of the artisains.


A hand knotted rug is an amazing thing. Skilled weavers have hand tied every knot, creating a one - of - a - kind handmade object. The rug stands as testament to the extraordinary achievement of these artisans practicing a craft dating centuries. Our rugs are woven by adult weavers. These men and women are considered true artists and are compensated and acknowledged for their skill, Insélbadjo Tapis is in process of partnering with GoodWeave International. They establish the standards behind the GoodWeave label. This indicates and ensures no child labor is used in the production of rugs. For more information, please visit


The idea for the Painter's Collection was conceived in 2011 while browsing a Los Angeles showroom. “I got my first lesson, the first of many on the craft of rug making. The rugs I saw that day were amazing and I fell in love with this ancient art and allied myself with the best artisains across the planet to create the most enticing rugs in the world.


Nathalie, who has been painting since childhood, saw this an opportunity to combine two uniquely handmade skills. “The sensory aspect of the process inspired and appealed to me... as well as the endless color possibilities, experimenting with the carving and texture of the wool or silk and the effects they made to create a watercolor in knots..."

Nathalie Dougé is represented by Mark de la Vega in New York and Avenida Atelier in New York, Florida, and California.

For additional information please visit:

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